About us

About The Group

Qureshi Group is leading the way in the beauty sector of Pakistan by providing world-class services and multinational brands related to hair, skin and beauty in Pakistan’s three main metropolises; Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, as well as other smaller cities. Starting operations in 1980 with the inception of Peng’s Hair & Beauty Clinic, followed by gaining sole distribution rights in Pakistan for French beauty and skincare brand, Guinot, Qureshi Group saw tremendous growth in the 200os by adding on to these two successful brands and bringing in the globally-renowned hairdressing brand, TONI&GUY and its haircare product line, label.m to Pakistan. A few other international brands are also included in the Qureshi Group brands’ portfolio, such as Gilden Tree, Masters Colors and Mattioli Engineering. TONI&GUY North Pakistan salons are amongst the most successful salons of Pakistan, with an annual growth rate of almost 45%, and its recognition as a major player in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Realizing the growing potential of the hair and beauty industry in Pakistan, Qureshi Group has made its mandate such to keep expanding and constantly seek business opportunities where it sees area for growth. In Pakistan, fashion and beauty are one of the fastest growing sectors, with heavy returns on investment and a steadily-growing target market and audience.

Vision And Mission

Our vision is to be the market leader in the beauty sector of Pakistan, creating as well as catering to the high demand for quality products and services in this sector, while also holding global aspirations so as to engage multinational companies and continuously expanding our line of products and services in Pakistan and eventually, other regions.

To provide our customer with premium quality brands with product and services in a luxury environment, delivering exceptional services and customer support, maximizing returns and profit to our stakeholders through core business, research and development and strategic marketing.


Our success so far relies heavily on building strong business relationships, where trust is key. Our flawless reputation is founded on the company’s core values of accountability, commitment, innovation and professionalism. Our strongly-knit team reflects and respects these values.

Recently, Qureshi Group got the rights to open up the first TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy which will be augmented by a beauty and skincare school, to ready a highly professional and well-trained team of stylists, beauticians and makeup artists who apart from being assets to the local industry, can also be employed in Qureshi Group’s future businesses. Qureshi Group values education and training and invests heavily in these as it believes that a promising future is deeply reliant on well-trained and skilled human resource.

Presently employing over 200 personnel, Qureshi Group has seen great growth in the last few years and, given its vision for greater expansion in the Pakistani market and its experience in the marketing and distribution of products and services, it can be easily considered to be the perfect partner for multinational organizations planning to enter the local market.