Guinot Hydraderm Cellular Energy Launch 2017 – Karachi

Guinot is the leading professional beauty brand, renowned for its skincare products and treatments across the globe. Founded in 1963 in Paris, the brand’s constant focus on quality and improvement has helped Guinot become a leading skincare company worldwide. In 2017, renowned beautician and Guinot’s Ambassador in Pakistan, Mrs. Peng Qureshi introduced a revolutionary machine Hydraderm Cellular Energy by Guinot to her clients in Karachi. The machine treatment not only revitalizes your skin but gives immediate results, is painless and most of all, affordable. The guest of honor for the evening was French Ambassador, Mr. Francois Dall’orso. Also, a number of media personalities, socialites and celebrities like Zhalay Sarhadi and Zoe Viccajji attended the event. The evening kicked off when Mrs. Peng Qureshi took the stage for the launch, followed by treatment demonstration from a Guinot Beauty Expert.